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Furoshiki Canvas Autumn / Winter 2021
Liv & Dom

For the third Furoshiki Canvas, we worked together with
a Sussex-based artist duo Liv & Dom to create an
exclusive furoshiki scarf.

Liv & Dom

Liv & Dom are from Sussex, UK and are based there.
Their works vary from illustrations to ceramic, using the
rich nature of their homeland and the lively nude form
as a motif.

Liv & Dom - ''This scarf was inspired in its arrangement
by traditional Indian bandanas, which had a resurgence
in popularity in 2020 as face coverings in the UK,
before more people opted for proper masks. Modernised
with bold floral shapes reminiscent of the wildflowers
where we live in rural Sussex. No work of ours exists
without a nude figure and this is no exception - this
figure reclines in the centre painted with bold strokes
and minimal line work. This is all conveyed in an
unmistakably Autumnal palette. "

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Photography: Sophie Isogai (Kiki)