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Furoshiki Canvas Summer / Summer 2022

For the fifth Furoshiki Canvas, we worked together with
a Japanese artist Kazusa Matsuyama to create an
exclusive furoshiki scarf.


KAZUSA MATSUYAMA is an artist born in Tokyo.
While distorting facial expressions and abstractly
depicting people to make them anonymous, he pursues
not only the superficial joys, sorrows, and emotions of
everyday life, but also the beauty that lies in their
He is active not only in Japan but also internationally
with holding solo exhibitions in the U.S. and Korea,
and exhibiting art fairs all over the world.

KAZUSA MATSUYAMA -”Froshiki I designed for this
time is the main work for my exhibition "escapism" which
is held at the same time as the release of this froshiki.
The motif of woman daydreaming tells us that even
though she could feel it only for a short moment, there
was a perfect world just for her. This work silently infers
new scenery and interpretation hidden between fantasy
and escaping with vibrant colors.”

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