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Furoshiki Canvas Spring / Summer 2022
Molley May

For the fourth Furoshiki Canvas, we worked together
with a Bristol-based artist Molley May to create an
exclusive furoshiki scarf.

Molley May

Molley May is an artist and illustrator based in Bristol,
UK. She works traditionally with a focus on drawing.
Her work is inspired by nature, memory and dreams -
often becoming a blend of the three and occasionally
interwoven with lines of poetry and memoir.

Molley May - “My inspiration for the scarf came from
visiting my parents garden in high summer. It is a very
beautiful and sentimental place to me. There are always
incredible flowers and at it’s peak it can become very
full and overwhelming. I wanted to capture a snapshot
of the garden in evening when the night blooms are
letting off their fragrance and all colours fade to deep
shade of blue.”

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