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Furoshiki Canvas Autumn / Winter 2020
Rosie McGuinness

From Autumn/Winter 2020 collection,
we started FUROSHIKI CANVAS, a project
which aims to collaborate with various artists
using furoshiki, traditional Japanese wrapping cloth,
as a medium.

With the hope of creating a sustainable fashion item,
we looked into the idea of using furoshiki,
which has long been used to carry clothes, foods,
gifts and other goods in Japan and reinterpreted it
for today through artist collaboration.
For the material, we have selected silk,
which is a natural material and thus biodegradable.
Also we produce in small lots preventing excess production.

For the first collaboration, we have worked with
a London-based illustrator Rosie McGuinness.
We decided to collaborate with McGuinness because
we believe that McGuinness's works,
which depict soft yet confident well-dressed figures,
express the type of the people we wish people to be
in our clothing, free and strong-willed.
The design of the furoshiki features figures in
LEINWANDE's iconic back-belted bodysuits with
McGuinness's unique fluid and bold lines.

We have also worked together on redesigning
the wrapping paper used when shipping items,
hoping that with the better design, the paper will be
reused in some way.
We also changed the material of the paper and
switched to using recycled paper and vegetable ink.
We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.