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Behind The Canvas: Beijing Knitting Factory

For each collection, we have created knitwears that
boldly combine different knitting patterns and materials,
using various knitting techniques.
This is not only because the designer, who has designed
many different items, loves the knitwear design most, but
also because knitwear can reflect the designer's
background in fine arts. Using techniques such as
patchwork knitting and craft knitting, strong contrasts,
like in mixed media art and collage art, can be

We use existing materials to avoid overproduction.
In these limited conditions, we try to create something
unique by trying various knitting patterns.

LEINWÄNDE's knitwear collection is supported by the
knitting factory based in Beijing, China, and the knitters,
who work there.

Since the brand's launch, we have grown together with
their high level of knitting skills.

In Behind the Canvas, we would like to show the behind-
the-scenes images of the craftsmanship of our knitwear.

The NY and Beijing-based photographer Mia Song has
specially captured the warm portraits of the knitters in
the factory.

LEINWÄNDE's knitwear is created in the factory,
located in the quiet suburb, 30-minutes ride from central

In the picture (above), the multi-colour Italian yarn,
called "space dye", can be seen.
In the picture (below) is the knitting machine used for
knitting delicate knitwears.

Many knitters who work in the factory are middle-aged
Maybe that is why our knitwear reminds us of the knit
jumpers our mothers used to knit for us.

Using the yarn in the previous picture, the Gradation
Crochet Frill Top
from the 2021 Autumn Winter
Collection is knitted.
The knitter is combining the even machine-knitted part
with the hand-knitted crochet.

This jumper is made from a single yarn, but using 3
different knitting techniques.
Using rib knitting for the neck, jersey stitch knitting for
the sleeves and the body and crochet knitting for the
frills, it creates various textures and patterns.

The knitter is captured here, with the Mixed Fringe Crop
Top from the 2021 Spring Summer Collection.

The body is knitted with fine linen-mixed yarn, featuring
see-through patterns.
And the feather-like yarn is knitted into the body by
hand, creating the unique fringe.

Each knitwear is carefully checked so it doesn't have any
knitting errors or damages.

The knitters, holding the jumpers they have knitted,
seem very affectionate.

The knitwears, that have passed strict inspection, will be
washed and ironed one by one.

We hope you enjoyed the behind-the-scenes story.
Enjoy the craftsmanship and the warmth of the hand-
knitted garments with our knitwear.

Photography: Mia Song
Special thanks to ESKISS