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Behind the Canvas:
Hayashi Quilting in Osaka

The Botanical Satin Quilting series is one of the iconic
looks of the Autumn Winter 2021 collection.
LEINWÄNDE reinterpreted the sporty item with mature
The smooth glossy satin fabric made of plant-derived
materials expresses the floralpattern drawn by the
designer with elaborate quilt embroidery.

In this Behind the Canvas, we focus on Hayashi Quilting,
a quilting factory in Kishiwada City, Osaka, which
handles quilting processing, introducing the background
of Japanese craftsmanship.

Kishiwada City, Osaka. It takes about half an hour to
drive from a train station in this town located in the
southern part of Osaka.
As you pass through the bustle near the station, the
scenery around you changes to greenery.

The quilting fabric used in the Botanical Satin Quilting
is made by Hayashi Quilting, which is located in a
corner of fine old-fashioned Japanese buildings,
surrounded by mountains.

Although he had no knowledge of fashion, he went to
Italy alone and jumped into the world of fashion by
He also went to Tokyo and knocked on the door of
Hiroko Koshino, a fashion designer also from Kishiwada,
to plan a fashion show.
With his innate energy, he learned about fashion from
Today, Mr. Hayashi says, "there is nothing I can't do
about stitching in Japan."
His work has been highly evaluated not only in Japan
but also overseas, and he does quilting processing for
various brands from all around the world.

"Because this is a remote area, we have to make an
effort", says Mr. Hayashi.
As more and more quilting work is being done overseas,
he felt a sense of crisis.
Ordinary quilting machines can be found anywhere, but
he wants to provide machines and technologies that are
unique and can only be found at Hayashi Quilting.
With that in mind, he made extraordinary efforts,
learning about special quilting machines, finding
stitching manufacturers that suit his skills, and traveling
around Japan to find the most suitable machine for
each quilting technique.
He says that making such efforts in not a pain at all
because he likes making things.

The quilt fabric used in the Botanical Satin Quilting
can only be produced 1 meter per hour.
Delicate fabrics made from naturally derived materials
such as acetate require a high degree of quilting skills.
If it is not stitched with the needles with a fine count, the
needles will break and damage the fabric.
Only factories that have done a lot of quilting like Mr.
Hayashi Quilting can do this difficult processing.
"Even with the same machine, it is important to have the
sensibilities to master it. Through 40 years of experience,
I have the sensibilities to deal with the machine," he

Every piece of the product is carefully inspected, making
sure there is no dust and foreign matter and the
embroidery is done perfectly.
Even when there was an order for 7,000 meter long
fabric, it was inspected with the eye, even though the
inspection progressed only 7 meters a day.
Thanks to that, Hayashi Quilting has never received a
complaint for the last 40 years.
The process after the quilt fabric is finished also reflects
the uncompromising attitude of making things.

Enjoy the beautiful quilt embroidery made with
unmistakable professionalism and craftsmanship.

Photography: Sayuri Murooka

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